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Here but not here at all at the same time

United Kingdom

    “lonely in a crowd; distant, separate from others; something in common, not sure what; crossing boundaries, twisting space.

    You are here, and I am here.

    Here but not here at all at the same time.” “HERE BUT NOT HERE AT ALL AT THE SAME TIME” is an experimental slow -motion, slit-scan short, exploring identity, presence and absence in a pedestrian context.

    The slit- scan and the non conventional narrative structure that underlies the order and manner in which the “story” is presented aim to challenge the viewer’s traditional view and perspective. Our work deals with the latent resonance between body and space, and the question of self- image and identity in the context of temporal liminal realities.

    We capture psychic reaction to space through site specific instant composition for camera, backed-up with sensitive processing and post production to reveal a hidden depth: realities of past, present, unknown and unseen and to allow the viewer to experience and engage with the artwork without forcing him to follow a narrative.