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Silesia, home country


Dorothea Lata Director


    Through the eyes of a late repatriate we see people from Świętochłowice / Upper Silesia: those who stayed there during the crises in the 80s and those who left the area to start a new life in Germany. We accompany the female protagonist right from the start.

    We see her birth and early childhood in Świętochłowice, see the escape of her family to West Germany, see them settling down and moving on in the “New World“, but nevertheless regularly visiting friends in their old home town and thus always staying in touch with their cultural background. Hitting 18, we follow Dorothea Lata leaving her “new“ home near Hildesheim to study the arts and craft of acting at one of the most prestigious german acting schools in Munich and, from there, making her first steps in the field through engagements in the old east and the far west of Germany. Ending up in the Saarland, like Upper Silesia a former mining area, we see the strange similarities between these two small, characteristic regions that were not only politically and culturally separated for decades by the Iron Curtain but also geographically by way over one thousand kilometres. The movie shall contribute to a better understanding between the polish, german and silesian nation.

    It's an autobiographical documentation of a late repatriate from Upper Silesia, exploring recent, upper silesian history, dealing especially with the meaning and definition of the term “home“, or “home country“.