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Sunil Sanjan Director


    Based on one promise which is built around suspense and Film is based on one promise built around suspense and dramatic situations related to it.

    Promises are there to be fulfilled.

    But now a days promises are mostly broken, forgotten or ignored.

    In some rare cases, fate is beyond our imagination. PROMISE is about one such rare promise.

    Inspired from true incident, PROMISE is a story about a young modern Indian couple who made a promise to each other, how they lived up to it. Suddenly one incident happens in their life which changes whole course of their life and promise made to each other.

    Whole film is based on this incident and revolves around it.

    This dramatic turn further deepens the mystery. -----FILM TRIVIA----- Unfortunately lead actress had to leave the film in-between due to some unavoidable personal reason when 80% of film was already shot.

    Film was about to be thrown into dustbin as most of cast and crew were having time constrains because of their regular jobs and it was very difficult to re-shoot whole film.

    Last minute a new actress was brought on board and with some changes in screenplay, all her scenes were finished with in two days without any rehearsals.

    All those scenes with previous actress were done in two months time including lot of rehearsals. All the actors in film are full time working professionals including director and producer himself.

    So whole film was filmed only on weekends or any public holiday.

    Whole cast and crew was selected based on their extreme passion towards film making & acting, also keeping in mind required basic skills to do their respective jobs.

    Everyone worked selflessly just because of passion and not for money.

    Whole film was funded from regular job salary of director and producer. All actors in this film faced camera for first time on set of this film at any professional level.

    Also this film was first ever film for whole cast and crew including director & producer.

    99% of film is shot inside one building only, keeping in mind the high outdoor expenses, time constrains and approvals required in the country.

    Also film is shot with very limited cast, crew and equipment. Story and screen play of film PROMISE were also written and designed in such a manner that it is as inexpensive as possible to make.

    Specially with respect to restrictions of very limited shooting locations, minimum possible star cast, minimum production crew along with minimum equipment usage. Whole film was shot in 700 square feet "1 Bed Room" flat.

    This flat is also residential flat of director and producer SUNIL SANJAN who stays there.

    Throughout out shooting he continued to stay in the same flat.