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    Janaa is a poor village girl.

    She is a widow and mentally ill who wonders in whole village.

    After the suicide of her husband she became mentally ill and it led to a complex mental disorder forcing her to roam without proper clothes and bathing.

    As a female and a mentally ill, she becomes a subject of derision and discrimination by the society. Mischievous children beat her by stones .Mothers threaten their children in the name of mad Janna.

    Her brother Sagaa and her Sister-in-law are poor and do menial work.

    Her mother sews homemade mattresses.

    Janna’s niece Chinu, a school going girl, loves her a lot.

    Her Brother Sagaa and her sister-in-law beat her and confine her in a room, as she is wondering in whole village. Santu, a close relative of Janaa, often comes to her home and shows sympathy towards her.

    One day he entraps her near a sugarcane farm and rapes her. Janaa who is always moaning, lives in her own world, and is unable to tell this incident to anyone. When she starts morning sickness, her family got acquainted with what has happened with her.

    Sagaa beats her a lot for telling the name of the person who slept with her.

    Her sister in law addresses her as a bitch. Santu who is a devious person also asks her about the person who did adultery with her.

    When she tries to denote his name he slaps her and plans to finish her off. With the help of Sagaa and his wife he picks Janaa and throws her away in the zone of a man-eater tiger in the deep forest.