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Soul of Corn

United States

Ricardo Nunez Director


    Soul of Corn narrates the journey of 7 Indigenous migrants, through their ancient recipes. It is common to say, "we are what we eat, not because food nourishes us, but because it is part of our culture.

    Agriculture in the Americas began twelve thousand years ago in a region known as Meso-America.

    Here 3/4 of the world’s food was first cultivated, the most important of these: Corn. Many civilizations were developed thanks to corn domestication.

    Today 16 ethnic groups still survive, all of them have being migrating.

    At a distance of over 3000Km, in California, indigenous people, heiress to this knowledge, continue to pass it on via the art of cooking.

    This documentary series is a gastronomical adventure of recipes that have outlived thousands of years and tell the story of cultural survival and resilience of indigenous Mesoamericans immigrants.

    We selected the most inspiring characters, they prepare a recipe that change their lives.

    Narrated in their own voice, these indigenous share strong stories, some bitter-sweet, others rich and diverse, as the ingredients found in their culinary odyssey.!projects/cwzt