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Ditch Please

Gowtham Kumar Director


    A few months after her break-up with Gagan, Karishma calls him informing that she needs some documentation of the projects they worked on in the past.

    They meet later at a coffee shop.

    Karishma tells Gagan that she is seeing someone else now.

    Couple of months later, she tells him that her current boyfriend Rahul is absconding and seemingly avoiding her deliberately.

    She plans to marry Rahul and thus wants to find him.

    But of course, she needs Gagan's help who is supposedly the only guy she can approach.

    Gagan concedes and they set out in search of Rahul on a motorbike.

    And like they say 'Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul' so does this journey for Karishma and Gagan.