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City of irony


Feng Yu-Lun Director


    Boss Masa is a crime lord of a mafia in Taiwan and he has a history in underground gambling.

    One day, while he was at oversea, he won one million dollar from gambling.

    However, he was unable to contact Tu-Dou, the gambling agent.

    Therefore, he sent Lin-Pao and Ah-Qing back to Taiwan to recover his prize.

    During the hunt for Tu -Dou, Lin-Pao and Ah-Qing accidently killed two of Tu -Dou’s men which, consequently, made the trip more difficult than before.

    Angered by the incapability of his men, Boss Masa traveled back to Taiwan in hope to solve the problem himself.

    Nevertheless, Ah-Dou saved Boss Masa from a catastrophic disaster.

    Money and morality became a tough decision for their consciences.