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United States

    Two years in the making, Satori is a feature film/video art piece created entirely by video & performance artist, Erica Schreiner.

    Erica wrote the script, did all of the camera work, performed Satori, & edited the footage entirely by herself, all in her apartment.

    She shot everything on a VHS camera.

    Surreal, symbolic, sophisticated & philosophical, Satori is the story of the artist.

    Nightly, Satori gives birth to eggs and sells them in order to make enough money to survive so she can continue to make art.

    Satori becomes worn out and conflicted with this act of selling part of herself and discusses this among other topics: the money system, the effort to sell one’s art, the purpose of one’s life, meaning in the Universe, dreams, sensation, depression, reality, and the many aspects of being an artist with her friends: An encouraging unicorn, the all-knowing goddess, Isis, and a very disagreeable Beta fish.

    Together they help Satori find a way into the Universe where she goes in search of meaning and answers about her current existence as an artist.