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Un Condor


    Sergio Contreras was born into a rich family, his mother was the maid.

    Passing from a life in which he was kept secret, to a life in poverty, he had to make his own life.

    He put himself in exile in November 1973, a few months after Pinochet overthrew Allende's government in Chile.

    He was 17 years old.

    After a long journey he ended up in Sheffield, England.

    Thirty eight years later he decided to do his first trip to Chile since he left.

    We follow him through this journey, trying to sense the similarities and differences between the past and the present.

    This is not a dramatic story of a Chilean exile, but a composition of all the negative and positive moments of the life of a man who knows how to survive and evolve.

    Having as a guide an innate sense of justice which is the source of true political thought, Sergio, full of optimism and positive energy, tells the eternal story of people being forced to leave their homes.