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Alan Arumugam Director


    'Q' is a story which depicts 'reflection', that is the power of the mind to reflect a vague memory in the form of incredible dreams that bring out your deepest emotions. 'Q' is a romantic journey of Amar and Sonya.

    Amar first sees Sonya at a coffee shop and later, coincidentally Sonya joins Amar’s office team.

    Over the next few days they become good friends.

    Amar’s fascination for Sonya turns in to dreams about her which motivate him to tell his new born love for her.

    Just as he gains confidence to express his feelings to her, Amar is faced with a contradiction which reveals that Sonya never existed and is devastated.

    A series of strange events take place where the known reality of Amar collapses and he is broken down and whether they meet each other again or not forms the crux of 'Q’.