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Prime Time or Feast for Vultures

Dimitri Kozma Director


    Sex and Violence on TV in a movie for all the family, dad, mom and the little ones have fun! The popular tabloid TV show "The People Under Siege", presents powerful images of rape, violence and death of a young socialite, model and actress, who was kidnapped by two sadists to produce a snuff film. A mix of black humor with extreme movie.

    A critical, controversial, politically incorrect and cynical vision about the medium and the vehicles of mass communication.

    The elements of horror and extreme realism are mixed with irony and humor, causing some discomfort and reflection.

    Strong criticism of the sensationalism of the yellow press, sacrificing ethics, manipulates people's minds, to make money.

    The fiction presented in this film hits mainly for reminding us that this is unfortunately a sad picture of reality.