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Khatara - The knackered


Mantra Mugdh Director


    Khatara Can you fall in love with a Car? A question one may ask when one sees 'Khatara' Story of Sukkhi,a small town simpleton,who is pushed to such edge of life,where he has no option but to sell his beloved,old,knackered car.

    Khatara… is Indian slang for worthless piece of trash.

    Khatara is the story of two souls on the brink of annihilation, whose lives have hit rock bottom.

    Sukhi, a young driving instructor, so deep in debt that his widowed mother is forced to hide from creditors; and his one true love...

    his family car… a car that he inherited from his father, but is now worth only its scrap value… a car that everyone else calls Khatara.

    As Sukhi’s debts mount, he feels pressured to sell his beloved car, just so that he can feed his family.

    But the car is almost human to Sukhi.

    He calls her Soniyo or sweetheart and loves it so dearly, he can’t let it go.

    One day Sukhi meets Shailaja, a chirpy, bubbly young girl who wants him to teach her how to drive.

    Sukhi loves her easy-going, non-judgmental personality and begins to fall for her.

    But even as he contemplates the wonders of love on a night filled with alcohol induced merriment, the wretchedness of life hits him and he crumples at the feet of his beloved Khatara… struggling to come to terms with the inevitable.

    Devoid of all hope, he is reminded of his father’s advice, that he must be prepared to lose something to gain something else… but is he prepared to lose the one thing that means more to him than anything else?