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Overdose: Death of a Punk Rocker

United States

DJ Yarotsky Director


    Brian tries to prove that his former best friend and punk rock bandmate’s death was anything but an accident in a film “destined to become a cult classic”. Meet Brian: former bassist/songwriter for the now famous punk rock band, “The B-movie Nightmares”.

    He currently sells strings at a Houston guitar store.

    Although he missed his big break, he keeps a positive outlook.

    Plus, it was his choice to leave the band, even though he and Brad used to be best friends. It’s all because Brad let that crazy junkie, Snarf, into the band.

    There are no limits to the lows he’ll go through for the latest buzz. His efforts to make Brian understand his addictions seem never-ending, leading to Brian’s departure-- in which he gives up the rights to his songs, and ends up missing his big break. Then the news came on saying Brad died of a heroin overdose.

    It all seemed so clichéd.

    In disbelief, Brian was going to figure out what really happened. His “investigation” leads him to Marley, Brad’s former drug dealer.

    Brian ends up revealing the B-movie Nightmare’s back story as well as his own through his conversations with Marley. Was it a simple overdose or was there foul play? And if it was foul play, then who’s to blame? Was it Snarf? The Korean Cowboy? A Satanic Ronald Reagan? Brian asks “just one more thing” [ala Columbo] in his quest to seek out the truth…But no one said it’d be just another leisurely Sunday murder mystery.

    And it certainly won’t be as polite.