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Mauricio Misle Director


    In audio and videotapes from the 70s I encountered significant memories from my family in Palestine, which portray a brutal episode of the Israeli colonization in a land surrounded by war and pain.

    On one hand, Hamule reveals the historical and social implications of this eviction for those who were forced to leave their motherland.

    On the other hand, this documental uncovers the ways in which these traumatic events were “genetically” transmitted through generations of descendants, mostly born on the grounds of the country that now became their new homeland.

    The documental is a personal and intimate journey through the fragmented memory of the Palestine exiles in Chile and their families.

    Hamule serves its author as a healing space, in which the reconstruction of the family history allows him to understand and close a circle of long-lasting traumatic events.

    At the same time, this film is more than a project of personal reconciliation.

    It is intent to celebrate and remember the Palestine people living on the other side of the world, while denouncing the ongoing violence and ferocity in the contemporary history of the Middle East.