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South Africa

Laszlo Bene Director


    Kathleen Jacobs, a renowned conflict journalist returns home after a near fatal incident cuts short her assignment in the Congo.

    Her mission, while incomplete, is still a success; she uncovers what could lead to an incredible scoop. When Kat pitches the story to her editor, he turns her down - a rather strange decision for a man always on a quest for the next big headline.

    Kathleen, however, is determined to break the story; a decision that pitches her squarely against major political forces.

    When she refuses to back off despite numerous “incidents", Kat suddenly finds herself on the run, aided only by two ex's; her ex-husband and an ex-military consultant. What ensues is a cat-and-mouse chase that risks everything.

    Not only Kat's career and reputation are on the line, but also her life, as well as that of her family.