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many beautiful things - tanti beddi cosi

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    "Tanti Beddi Cosi” ( “Many beautiful things”) is the expression used by Vincent Schiavelli to wish people the best of things.

    “Many beautiful things” also happened to Schiavelli in the last years of his life: he is mostly remembered for his role in “Ghost” by Jerry Zucker in 1990, but he also acted in many important productions of the American movie industry, such as “One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest”, “Taking off” and “Amadeus”, all by Miloš Forman.

    This documentary originates from the need to investigate the reasons of Schiavelli’s peculiar return to Polizzi Generosa, a place which he had never seen, but only knew of through the tales of his grandfather, who used to be a cook at a local aristocrat’s household, the Rampollas.

    Schiavelli grew up in Elizabeth Street (Brooklyn) the street of italian immigrants. The story tries to reconstruct the major events that characterized the actor’s relationship with Polizzi Generosa, a little village on the Madonie mountains, whose strategic position proved fundamental in the history of Sicily: it was a city-state situated in the hub of the most important Sicilian junctions, the north/ south and the west/east axis.

    This documentary includes the interviews of the actor’s closest friends and the people who had a special relationship with him: Nino Gianfisco, Renata Pucci di Benisichi, Santo Lipani, Salvo Cuccia, Katia Vitale and Mimmo Cuticchio.

    It is a journey inside Schiavelli’s world, through his private, public and artistic life: the characters are the witnesses of a story that unexpectedly happened to their lives.

    The interviewees’ words, together with the archive material, aim at retracing the most important moments of the period which goes from his first arrival to Sicily until his death on December 26th 2005.