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Dron (Zombie Penguin)

Michail Adamis Director

  • Added 9 years ago to animation

    Antarctic oil has cooperated with Googlygoo Inc.

    and together have created a malware called Microdot Widows that has been encrypted in the most popular video game of all times, Space Arachnoids.

    With this malware they have managed to copyright everything on everyones computer and Zombie Penguin is trying to create an anti-virus to liberate cyberspace from copyright.

    But before doing so he is attacked by Antarctic Oil agents and trapped inside the Supra Mega Computa mainframe.

    While trying to escape Antarctic Oil's digital agents and microdot widows he manages to reach Supra Mega Computa, with the help of a hacker who randomly attacks Supra Mega Computa's Giant Anti-virus Agent System.

    He manages to multiply himself, thus becoming a virus and destroys Supra Mega Computa.