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A Vida e a Morte da Reencarnação de Gurcius Gewdner

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    The cutest most perfect brazilian mockumentary, compared to "Spinal Trap" and "Grizzly Man" by many. "The Life and Death of the Reincarnaion of Gurcius Gewdner" records the exciting and brief saga of the reincarnation of the famous "filmmaker of love", Gurcius Gewdner (also known as Styrofoam Prince,"wolf man", Creator of heaven and earth and Supreme Lord of Mankind) Now you can enjoy the breathtaking 22 minutes of this audiovisual masterpiece in HD, with narration by Morgan Freeman and subtitles, special effects, explosions, mutant chickens, animated credits, a mono surround sound worthy of the Brazilian marginal cinema, image rights violation, copyright infringements, and a skillful use of film language.