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Theodoros Papayannis: Epistrofi sto Elliniko

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    The sculptor Theodoros Papayannis gathers friends, collaborators and apprentices in his birthplace, the village Elliniko in Epirus, Greece, and creates a route of sculptures from the village’s entry towards the historical monastery of Tsouka.

    The sculptors are inspired by the memories of country life and the natural landscape, and the land itself offers the materials: The scattered stone, useless metals from junk yards of recyclable materials, marbles that are donated by marble factories of Ioannina, are transformed into artwork within 20 days and they are donated to the community.

    Along with the museum that he founded 4 years ago in the old, built out of stone primary school in which he also studied as a young boy, Theodoros Papayannis creates an outdoors sculpture park, thus establishing a place for artistic expression unique in Greece.