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The Bloody Illusion (La maldita ilusión)


    A man, rusty by the his daily work, gets pity with the help of alcohol forgetting about his family and responsibilities.

    His wife, with broken illusions, knows that her children won't have a future with their fathers regular condition.

    Hours of darkness come by and this women decides to change her future for ever, she escapes with her children from their farm to the golden city.

    Her husband awakes drunk from bed as usual and searching for a drink he smells the absence of family, he will run as fast as he can with the bloody illusion to win them back forever.

    Filmed as an experimental film duo to the odd coincided that the director found out that the script he wrote was part of a real story of an old couple that lived isolated in the suburbs of Santa Fé, Argentina.

    They both insisted in acting after reading the script even though they have never acted in there lifes.

    There acting method will be remembering those hard days, struggling with their relationship and alcohol, by actually living them on film to metaphorize a message of forgiveness, love, hope.

    To live their life for the art of film-making...