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    Priya, a freelance blogger had been communicating with her grandfather through letters for 12 years in the past.

    After his demise 5 years back, there was no one to write her personal letters.

    When her son, Arjun came home from school with his ‘letter writing assignment’, Priya was very excited to help him.

    She took him to the Post office next day, where she met Subramanium, the Old Postman who regularly delivered her letters.

    As she got very emotional, Arjun wanted to know her past.

    That night, he sneaks into mom’s room to search those for any diary.

    He found Old letters and read them to know ‘How beautiful is to communicate through letters ?’ He surprises mom by writing a letter, which made Priya very happy and she was more excited to get another lovable person who will write letters to her.