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Wolf Call

United States

Rob Underhill Director


    WOLF CALL (14 BEST FILM Awards), is the true Emmett Till story crafted from public record that became a lightning rod for moral outrage pivotal in inspiring a whole generation to commit to social change in the 1950s.

    'His death was a spark that ignited the Civil Rights Movement in America,' Ed Bradley, Emmy Award-winning journalist. It is 1956.

    Previous year, 14-year old Emmett Till from Chicago had gone missing in Money, Mississippi.

    Later, the boy's mutilated body was found in a river.

    William Bradford Huie of Look magazine sits down with the two men acquitted for the boy's murder, Roy Bryant Jr.

    and J.W.

    Milam, to discuss the trial.

    Not a word had been uttered outside a courtroom by them or their kin, until now...