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Yes we can! (Ba se poate!)


Tedy Necula Director


    "Yes We Can" tells the story of five technical high schools in Romania which, through the project Zburd-Education through coaching, have increased their graduation rates from 2% to 40%.

    In technical high schools, fewer than five students pass the baccalaureate every year.

    The ROI Association has implemented the Zburd project in Bucharest, Iasi, Brasov, Sibiu and Campulung Muscel.

    For two years, they have strengthened the student-teacher-parent relationship through coaching, and this has improved the level of performance in high schools.

    Alongside a large team, Simona David Crisbasanu, the initiator of the project, has implemented a unique educational initiative in Romania, helping every high school acknowledge the fact that change is easier and more powerful when coming from within, and bringing together students, teachers and parents, who were able to together identify the goals, the steps and later the solutions for overcoming the high school’s poorly rated status.

    The film captures the success stories of students, teachers and parents from the participating high schools.