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Spectral Transmission: Ep.1 "It Waits in the Attic"

United States

Jacob Dodd Director


    SPECTRAL TRANSMISSION is a Science Fiction/Fantasy Anthology TV series created by Cinema and Screen Studies Assistant Professor Jacob Dodd and 6 undergraduate students at SUNY Oswego.

    The series comprises of 22 minute episodes filmed locally in Central New York and shot on 16mm film and digital video.

    Each show is written, directed, and produced by SUNY Oswego students.

    The show started its first season and premiered on October 16 on WTOP-10, SUNY Oswego's student-run television station.

    EPISODE 1: "It Waits in the Attic" Synopsis: A young man, Eric (Jim Scannapieco), returns home after his father (Donald Masterson) suffers an accidental fall down the stairs.

    Eric soon discovers something lurking in the house, something from his past....something angry.....and it's waiting for the attic.