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Seductive Unemployment


Vivek Sharma Director


    "Seductive Berozgaari" is based on a guy who lives in a dream world, his dreams, his visions are everything in his world.

    He comes from a mediocre family, where he stays away from them for his job, but unfortunately his nature does not allow him to work, he thinks about women and he thinks about great job but only in dreams. Once he went for the job interview where he sees the female protagonist a beautiful girl, and at first sight onwards he starts thinking about this girl.

    Right after his rejection from his job interview, on the way to home he finds a radio which is not an ordinary radio. This radio speaks and tells him that it has come to help him and he can ask three wishes from it.

    Wherein, it insists to take this radio whenever he goes for his job interviews.

    He does the same and gets the job as his first wish to the radio.

    As his second wish, he wants to spend time with the same girl whom he saw when he went for the first interview. Radio fulfils his desire, girl comes to his house and when she is about to kiss him, her voice and her face transforms into the male receptionist who was there in the office. Suddenly, he gets up from his dream and finds himself at the same venue of interview, it is the male receptionist who woke him up and tells him that he’s next for the interview, interviewer calls him and asks him the same questions what he dreamt about which gives him a great shock. Moral of the story is there’s no harm in dreaming but work hard to fulfil them.