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On the ropes (Alle corde)


    Cosimo is a boy of twenty-seven.

    He lives in a working class neighborhood in southern Italy with his father Giuseppe, a fisherman with serious economic problems due to gambling.

    He works as a factory worker at 'ILVA’, the largest iron and steel plant in Europe, in order to support himself and to pay monthly his father's debts.

    But he is a talented boxer and he dreams of becoming a professional one in order to redeem his and Giuseppe’s life.

    Boxing is his ransom from an alienanting job and from a beautiful city unfairly poisoned by pollution.

    With great sacrifices he both trains and works.

    Cosimo wins two very important boxing matches and finally comes the moment of the decisive match, but after a training, he is taken ill suddenly .

    But neverthless, he decides to continue training.

    From this moment on, the presence of ILVA will be looming and places previously seen , will assume a different atmosphere.

    Cosimo’ll be able to return to his father, his life , his roots and his freedom , but this put a price.