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Crossing Moments

United States

    Where the present, past and future seamlessly blend to create uncertainty in Roberta ,Cristina Restrepo, who after 10 years of having immigrated to the United States is now being deported to her country of origin, Mexico.

    This means leaving behind her only hope in life, her daughter Elli.

    Roberta is forced to face her past once again.

    A past she previously fled, taking refuge in this country when she was pregnant with her daughter.

    She had to cross the river and the desert looking for a way out of her old life.

    All with the help of her loyal friend Nena, by Maria Isabel Diaz, a Cuban who took refuge in the United States, over 15 years ago.

    Their lives would have not been the same without each others friendship.

    'Crossing Moments' is a movie where love, friendship, hatred and loss of hope form a maze in Roberta's mind, all in a short time.

    Just 5 minutes is enough to destroy a life that took you 10 years to build.