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ANGELOUSY - a short movie


Rahul Sharma Director


    ~~~~ ANGELOUSY -a short movie ~~~~ Story by: Rahul Sharma Duration: 10mins 16secs Quality: Full HD, 1080p Genre: Fiction/ Action/ Suspense Casting: Rahul RaSha Sharma, Sudheer Reddy, Pearlin Director of Photography, Camera, Recording: Akhilesh Verma Shot Selection and Produced by: Akhilesh Verma and Rahul RaSha Sharma Video Editing and Sounds by: Rahul RaSha Sharma Directed by: Rahul RaSha Sharma Shooting was done in 2013 SYNOPSIS of the short movie “ANGELOUSY” A boy is in effect of his ANGER and JEALOUSY.

    He is in love with a girl, but the girl just treats him like a friend and loves another boy. The boy wanted to be with the girl he loves but he always sees her with other boy.

    Once he got a chance to take the revenge over the other boy.

    So, all was his decisions that will lead him ahead in his life.