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Rémi Briand Director


    The Cambodia counts 15 million inhabitants, among whom more than 10 millions live in rural areas.

    No more than 7 millions of these villagers have any access to the drinking water, and have other choice than to consume the water of rivers or puddles. Chay Lo grew up in these regions put back in the northeast of the Cambodia, the old territory of the Khmer Rouges.

    Having escaped death several times, having accommodated by the Buddhist monks to Battambang then in Phnom Penh, he studies successfully in France until become an agricultural engineer. In spite of the request of big international groups, he chooses to return in his native country to accompany it in his recovery. To be made, he cofounds 1001 fountains for tomorrow and manage the NGO" Teuk Saat on 1001 " created as local platform in the Cambodia. This NGO thanks to an ingenious environment-friendly plan, aims at improving durably the health of the rural populations of developing countries by allowing them to produce locally a water of healthy drink.

    Her exploitation requires only few technical means, the solar energy is sufficient to feed a lamp in ultraviolet and a simple system of filtration. The success of this project also leans on a virtuous entrepreneurial model which assures the autonomy of the village and the sustainability of the solution.

    By increasing his production, the producer improves the health of the whole community. Yesterday, its stubbornness and its commitment in the service of the others allowed him to collect the praises of the authorities of the Cambodian state.

    From now on his model shines on all the Asian continent and beyond.