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Between the waves


Rémi Briand Director


    In DRC Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), the war rages to Goma, between the rebels of the M23 and the FARDC.

    Hundreds of thousand refugees are moved on the border of Rwanda.

    Kabila reigns with an iron hand over a country in the immense mine fertility but at the edge of the chaos and of the humanitarian disaster. A single media allows to spread in all the country a precise and impartial information, protected by the blue berets of the UNO: RADIO OKAPI.

    By improving the transparency and the freedom of speech, RADIO OKAPI participates in the unity and in the modernization of the DRC Kinshasa and raises proudly its microphones and its antennas satellite dishes not to abandon the population to the servicemen and to the dictatorship. In a country where the freedom of expression is daily soiled, every journalist at the risk of his life defends fiercely an impartial information for a virtuous radio which carries(wears) top the colors of the journalism.