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Back to nowhere

United Kingdom

riccardo sai Director


    4-piece London rockers Mercutio borrow their name from one of the most controversial characters in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

    Their music is as passionate and personal as the vicissitudes of the famous character; anger, instinct love, fear and mixed feelings come to the surface. The emotional depth within the band’s work is channeled within the official video to the lead single “Back to Nowhere”, produced by HoxtonLab (London) and directed by Riccardo Sai. The dark, eerie, haunting and somewhat surreal environment of the video is a great match with the song’s vast dynamic and emotional range.

    From an electronic-ridden intro to a heartfelt and catchy chorus, the band, currently signed to Mazepa Records, does not only showcase their musicianship through this single, but makes the best out of this eclectic video to showcase their aesthetic, stage presence and vision.