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Just an Ordinary Household (Eine ganz normale WG)


    Just an Ordinary Household Anne-Marie, Bernadette, Delia, Doris, Sarah and Gabi live together in shared accommodation in the centre of Berlin.

    The women are between 26 and 60 years old.

    A perfectly normal household in Berlin. Anne-Marie is registered as 70% mentally disabled and works in a protected workshop.

    Bernadette is learning disabled and takes care of her banking transactions and online purchases with the help of her iPhone.

    Delia is autistic and obsessed with the rules that hold the world together at its very core.

    Doris sings in a choir, volunteers at the local community centre and likes cuddly toys.

    Sarah was born prematurely and is illiterate.

    None of them really know what their disability actually is. Three social workers watch over the women, but on the whole they master their everyday lives independently.

    Filmmaker Georg Schönharting accompanied the women for one year.

    In that time he not only filmed them himself, but he also gave each resident a camcorder of their own, so they could all document their daily adventures. The result is a collage, whose magic lies in the prejudice free immersion into the world of six women - into a humorous, easy-going, relaxed world with highlights, excitements and low points that arise whenever people live together in a confined space.

    No perfect world, but a world full of emotion, joy, suffering, conflict and reconciliation. The film makes no judgments about the status of people with disabilities.

    It takes its protagonists seriously without comment and transports their point of view – in so doing it reflects the following statement: 'Every human has his or her own truth….' said one of the supervisors, 'It could be great and far more worthwhile and meaningful for this life, than anything I can come up with...'