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Domino: Caught in the Crisis (Dominó: agarrado por la crisis)

United States

Eve A. Ma Director


    Domino: caught in the crisis is a dramatic narrative about Luis, a middle-aged family man caught up in Spain’s economic crisis.

    He lost his job several months ago, and has not been able to find work since.

    He’s exhausted his savings, his unemployment will soon run out, he’s deeply in debt--and his son is about to get married, which will put another financial burden on him. Filmed in Spain, in Spanish with English subtitles, our star is Antonio de la Malena, a well-known flamenco singer with a great deal of acting talent.

    The remainder of the cast consists of a mix of professional actors and professional flamencos.

    Director, Eve A.

    Ma, has been a filmmaker for over 10 years.

    Her work has aired over PBS stations in the United States, been in festivals in four countries (U.S.A., Germany, Spain and India), and been presented in other formal events in three (U.S.A., Spain and Greece).