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The Drowned Man

Per Krogh Director


    Jack is having a hard time dealing with his sister’s cancer.

    On the day of his sister’s arrival from the hospital, Jack gets a harmonica from her.

    As she gets a small pain attack, Jack runs off to the nearby beach to collect his thoughts.

    He throws the present into the ocean, but as he does, he suddenly encounters a huge man who seems to be washed to shore.

    Suddenly the man awakes, grabs Jacks angle causing him a fright and to run away.

    At Jack’s house, he runs into his mother, who is secretly smoking but quickly finds an excuse to leave.

    Inside the house, Jack once again sees the man from the ocean, but is the only one who can see him.

    Jack stays calm but as he sits in the kitchen, the man presents the harmonica.

    Jack decides not to take it; instead, he accidentally breaks the glass in his hands, which causes his parents to finally talk to him.

    Inside, frustration builds up and he abruptly darts for his room.

    Here he for the last time refuses to interact with the Drowned Man.

    In the middle of the night, a sound wakes up Jack.

    He finds his sister gone, so he runs off towards the beach.

    Here he finally confronts the Drowned Man who does not have his sister.

    The man goes back to the ocean meanwhile Jack runs back to his house, where his sister is safe.

    Jack finally decides to not be afraid anymore.