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The buddha, the red shoes and the kite


li bin Director


    This film directed,scripted and performed by Li Bin who is 21 yeas old.This is his first film. This is his third grade university shooting works.To pay tribute to the director Wong Kar-Wai. He try his best to show a story about salvation and the circle of life. A sixteen-year-old juvenile offender was rescued to the Pingan Temple by the abbot on the day when he was discharged from prison accidently.The abbot gave him an kite.He got used to the life in temple gradually.Until one day a woman came.He often watched her dancing slinkingly.He found out the woman was a prostitute unintentionally.And he witnessed that she killed a man who had an affair with her by accident.He had to choose between law and affection.The abbot fled to the temple years ago because he raped his adopted daughter.However he couldn't get out of it.This three people went downhills and found the adopted daughter had been living a happy life.Then they left.After that the abbot passed away.The prostitute was caught.The boy stayed at the temple and became the next abbot.