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24K All You Need Is Gold


kane kwik Director


    We are a sadly poor group of friends that have worked for years in this industry and have faild one after another.

    Our goal with this crazy project was to demonstrate that we can do art through mainstream.

    With a very low budjet (it doesent look like it) we did our masterpiece.

    24k is just a way of critisizing our industry.

    A band that doesent exist (funk my jesus) did a one hit wonder and a video for it.

    I know this is not a synopsis...

    But it is dificult to understand.

    We did a video and a song with all the ingridients for success.

    This 24 k is our way of protest about what is happening in music and cinema industries.

    A story that is irrelevant done with love, not with a commercial end, a song we composed that is art but also commercial.

    It is our way of expression.

    Just the ingredients people want to watch and listen.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating 24k.

    Kane Lee Kwik.