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Incella leaves to buy bread


Akos Schneider Director


    Incella is the teen daughter of a greengrocer family, a confused and vulnerable creature.

    Charged by her alcoholic mother, she leaves for bread, when the elevator of the run-down apartment block of Budapest breaks down and gets stuck for three days.

    As no one reacts to the alarm bell, Incella sits and waits patiently.

    The family notices that the elevator is broken, and after a while...

    that Incella is missing, too.

    The family and the tenants come to help – under-informed policemen, lost repairmen, the thinmouthed social worker woman and the colorful group of vacuous ladies – all expecting István, the almighty caretaker to come up with the solution.

    Finally, Győző, the 8 years-old little friend, suffering from Down-syndrome takes notices of Incella’s voice in the elevator and rescues her.

    After 3 days spending in her prison, Incella escapes.

    But to what end? It seems, she had a better time inside.