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    A swedish indie-feature debut that brings both dark comedy and heart-stopping tension.

    Set in 1992, a group of youths goes camping in the woods as part of a team building project at the local unemployment agency, but when they arrive a claustrophobic and foreboding feeling sets in.

    Directors Marcetic and Skoglund’s feature film debut is an indie-thriller which effectively evokes a decade with several similarities to our current day society: an economic crisis, increasing unemployment and a xenophobic party on the rise in the government.

    Filmed in a realistic style, »Losers« efficiently explores the different roles teenagers tend to take on within a group, and the dynamics created between them.

    The question of whether the individual is more important than the group becomes urgent as the lost teenagers struggle to find their way back whilst fighting the realization that they are not only trapped in the wilderness, but also within their own selves.