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The Mice Room (Odet El Feran (أوضة الفيران))

Rufy's Films Director


    Six different characters roaming in Alexandria along with their fears.

    Amr comes back to meet his father in his death bed, not sure how he can speak up and show his true feelings.

    Moussa spends his day afraid of crossing a street until he finds amends with his side of the road.

    Dahlia, on her wedding day, seems lost in worries about her off white marriage.

    The young girl discovers her grandmother's decay through her play time.

    After her husband's death, Rawya starts a habit of sleeping late, however, discovers a new exciting life at night.

    Maha, packing for leaving the country, starts questioning the change that happened or might happen in her life.

    They share the same creepy feelings in the same city but never meet.