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AntiVirus (אנטי וירוס)


Alon Newman Director


    The movie opens on a press conference which reveals the outbreak of a deadly virus which kills nine high-tech company workers in less than 24 hours. A Tel Aviv district police commander, Mr.

    Turjeman who is in charge of the investigation is having difficulties facing this enigma and all hope looks lost. As the investigation unveils we realize that the high-tech company named "Patogen" had been a step away from finishing the development of a genius application that could cure people from any virus. Now after six years of research and millions of dollars spent, the ministry of health denies them of approval to conduct human experiments. And they must find a solution, or they won't be able to repay their partners and investors. Dr.

    Micha Sharir, one of the company owners is the main witness; his fascinating story is being portrayed on how his brother, Ram and his deputy named Shahar tried everything to save the company due to the Health Ministry's refusal to approve Human experiments. In a desperate act, someone activates the Protocol… and causes the spreading of a lethal virus. Micha and Ram are shocked and do not know how to escape this awful situation. Meanwhile the army and the police isolate the building to prevent the spread of the virus.