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    Looking for spiritual counsel, unsuccessful actor STEPHAN (29) decides to browse the vast and colourful marketplace of spiritualties in Berlin to find what is best for him. The stations of Stephan's metaphysical development are complemented by „Darshans“ (teachings, knowledge, opinions) of notable spiritual mentors.

    Stephan, who was brought up catholic, tries Kundalini Yoga, Tibetan meditation, inner silence, Osho dynamic meditation, Shotokan Karate, Krishna dance, Taizé singing, Qi Gong practices and Lotus Sutra Chanting.

    He meets tough Yoga instructor SIMONE (32).

    They flirt heavily and go on a date to an alternative bare-feet disco.

    On their joint search for divine transcendence, they unite in left-handed Chandramarossana-Tantra shortly afterwards.

    Stephan and Simone become a couple and even Stephan’s spiritual development seems to progress.

    He cooks with Hare Krishnas, dines with inhabitants of the Triguna Ashram, dances and plays drums with the Sufis, takes part in meditative sit-ins.

    But Simone has enough of Stephan's never-ending search.

    She is annoyed that he is not finding his inner core.

    She wants a man that is established in his life. Left alone, Stephan continues on finding his spiritual path and discovers that maybe there is more than one way to enlightenment, and that every new step and spiritual concept enriches and further completes him.

    Impressed by Stephan's “consistency in being inconsistent”, Simone is drawn back to him.

    The actor discovers that in the end, there is only one way to true perfection and real happiness – your very own.