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Nagima (Нагима)


Darya Belkina Director


    Nagima is an ugly, illiterate and uncommunicative graduate of the orphan home.

    Nagima rents a tiny room on the outskirts of the city of Almaty with her "orphanage" girlfriend, pregnant sister Anya.

    Anya once met a guy and wanted to get married, but it did not work out.

    As a result she is nine months pregnant now.

    Nagima works as a dishwasher at the elite restaurant and besides her salary brings home restaurant leftovers.

    Nagima and Anya are two lonely souls who met at an early age at the orphanage and became to each other the relatives, family and closest friends.

    Anya died during childbirth.

    The newborn girl ends up at the orphanage.

    A vicious cycle.