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Moment Of Happiness

United Kingdom

    Sailor is arriving back at home to see his girlfriend for a short break.First moments are beautiful, full of joy and love. Due the passing time relationship starts to crash slowly as the young couple is not used to live together anymore. Letter from the ship is calling sailor back to work - will he choose the love or the career? Feeling of love towards the other is not everything in relationship.

    Relationship is also work of building future together.

    It is hard to care about someone who you never see. Moment of Happiness expresses this story through very emotional flow without any dialog.

    Film is directed by internationally known director Sakari Lerkkanen (Winner of Finnish Music Video Awards 2014, Winner of Le5Venice 2012, Venice Biennale).

    The creation of sound world has been performed by UK based Electric Litany who is famous from combining electronic music with rock’n roll. Sound design has been designed by musician and creator Sefi Carmel known from John Woo and Spielberg films.

    Film has been shot on super 16mm and 8mm at Tampere.