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Jalila جليلة


adnan jetto Director


    It could be just another film about a woman, or a film about “the woman”, the ones we would see in our everyday lives.

    Jalila goes beyond depicting Syrian women involved in the uprising but rather brings a different perspective on women in a crisis or a war situation.

    Jalila is not about a comrade fighting on the frontline, nor about a woman grieving over her martyr son, It’s about women standing against injustice.

    It's about a woman who overcame rape and rose up to prevent it.

    A woman who is dauntless and powerful but yet tender and beautiful. This preserved identity of being a woman in everything she does, whether smelling a flower or fighting in a battle field, is what the film about.

    Jalila is not a character in the film, Jalila is every woman in the film