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United States

    Leon is a grieving husband on the verge of a major mental break.

    He will stop at nothing to be reunited with his wife Isabelle.

    The problem is...she's already dead.

    This film is a black and white, romantic horror love story.

    It explores Leon's twisted world of love and loss.

    Leon's romance with his dead wife, Isabelle becomes his sick obsession.

    As he becomes more engaged with Isabelle's corpse, he slips deeper and deeper into the realm of insanity. This short film is the story of a man whose grief runs so deep that he has lost his way and found a macabre way to deal with this.

    Leon is an odd and creepy character.

    He is determined to be reunited with his love, Isabelle.

    He is very romantic but in a strange way.

    He seems to be more in love with Isabelle's corpse than his actual wife.

    This film explores a romantic world that Leon creates with the body of Isabelle as well as his grief of losing love and how he deals with the loss.

    It also explores a world of madness and sickness that Leon enters, hurdling him into an uncertain downward spiral of existence.

    The story takes you through dramatic twists and turns as you experience the sheer sickness and morbidity of the character. Some people have darkness in them, just waiting to come out.

    This was the case with Leon.

    Leon goes through the hardship of losing his wife and the darkness begins to seep to the surface.

    The things Leon will do, the lengths he will go through to be reunited with Isabelle are sick and twisted things that no person in their right mind would do.

    The level of insanity that this man sinks to makes him become a dark and devious character.

    He is determined.

    He will stop at nothing to see Isabelle again.

    This character has challenged himself and has accepted his deranged insanity.

    He is living in an altered reality and he has an obsessed determination to see his sweet Isabelle again.

    He is tortured down to his very soul and when you have lost everything you love, its easy the become swayed by the darkness...