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Golden Bird (Sonali Pakhi)


Debraj Sarkar Director


    A child came to his village home and listens a story from his grandmother.

    In earlier days the elders used to tell stories of imaginary characters to encourage children.

    Those imaginary things captured the children too much that they remained with them even in their later years.

    In this tale a grandmother captured the confined life of a child with that very story.

    A child's life should be formed of independent, colourful things of imagination.

    Nowadays children are spending a confine life since childhood.

    Their life is colourless.

    They doesn't have the chance of indulging in imagination.

    Since childhood they become part of a mechanical life.

    Less people live in a village.

    Still a child is not bereft of company.

    On the other hand in spite of so many people in the city, man is confined in loneliness.

    Nothing is so painful for a child life being confined to a place.The Golden Bird is a symbol here disappearing fear enlightens one's mind.