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Spider's Trap


Alan Walsh Director


    SPIDERS TRAP tells the story of one man’s taste for revenge and another man’s dreams of glory. Jack Spider (Alan Sherlock) longs for the day when he can escape from prison and rob one more jewellery store.

    He can’t do it alone.

    He needs the Black Wall Gang to get back together.

    Time has passed when he “gets out” and people have moved on.

    Jazzer (Dermot Magennis) is the family man (6 kids and another on the way) and Steve Wilson (Glen Baker) has a real future as a musician.

    His wife died and he is caught in an emotional battle between missing her, and moving on.

    He has a kid, Amy, minded sometimes by his sister in law, Sharon (Sarah Carroll).

    Spider needs the two of them for the robbery and he makes them an offer “they can’t refuse”. A record producer has offered Steve the deal of a lifetime.

    “Be at my office at 9am sharp in the morning “.

    Spider has other ideas for Steve.

    He kidnaps Amy and Sharon and forces Steve back to a life of crime for one night only.

    Jazzer needs the money to support his family.

    The Black Wall Gang are back in business.

    . Aided and abetted with equipment supplied by an old friend Spike (Liam Carney) the robbery is a success.

    3 Million in diamonds.

    Security guard Nigel (Simon Delaney) on his last night can’t believe his terrible luck as the robbery is in progress.

    He has plans for the future.

    A private security service to the stars, and Natalie, his girlfriend (Jane Elizabeth Walsh) loves his uniform.

    …… Will Steve make it to the record company offices to sign the deal? Will he return to a life of crime or will he live happily ever after, with Sharon and his daughter Amy?