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Xtreme Waste - Community Enterprise

New Zealand

Aaron Mooar Director


    Written off as a bunch of dreamers before they even started, six friends from Raglan, New Zealand were determined to do something good for their town, no matter what it took. The community was so inspired when they volunteered to collect Raglan's recycling for two years with no pay, that they threw their full support behind them - and watched, as they turned an under-funded and ill-equipped organisation into a world leader. What no one expected was that they could do a better job than the big corporate waste companies while also acheiving social, environmental and economic goals for the community. Inspired by the story he was filming, unknown filmmaker Aaron Mooar followed the same trajectory as Xtreme Waste, starting off with only a burning desire to get the job done. Like them he had minimal experience, inadequate equipment and only a small appreciation for the enormity of the task.

    Despite this he went on to create a film that is already inspiring other communities into action.