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Sam Roma - We are Gypsies


Marina Danezi Director


    Roma people are peculiar, and their identity is lost somewhere in between the past and their roaming through the land.

    From India to Egypt and from Sweden to Britain the Wandering Kings of the Road are a steady part of human geography, sometimes living slighlty outside the law and social acceptance.

    Greek Roma people love dancing and singing and know how to throw parties and fairs.

    They fall in love, they elope and they get married; their families are big and they practice their customs and respect their tradition.

    They are merchants and farmers, and their wives claim they are specialists in tarot card reading and palm reading.

    Survival is an everyday challenge for them, and they claim that “people who live on the streets learn more than those who go to school”.

    The lack of education forces them to use their brains more, but it also is responsible for them enticing into breaking the law: law breaking is getting worse, due to recession and the goverments' indifference to their problems.

    Still, Roma people manage to stay fiery and proud.

    By travelling to their neughbourhoods and communities in Attica, Argolida and Ilia we succeeded in entering their previously inaccessible world and collecting interesting sociological data.

    Roma people welcomed us into their lives, keeping their heart warm and wide open.