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Water to Tabato

Paulo Carneiro Director


    We flew over to Guinea-Bissau, Africa, for a movie footage.

    I’m a first director assistant. We are filming in the capital, Bissau.

    On the third day we leave to Bolama, an Island in the Bijagos archipelago and former capital of the country until 1941.

    We travel by boat.

    It’s packed.

    People from Bolama, Bissau, Bafata and Tabato.

    Animals: chickens, goats, pigs and ducks. We are in West Africa and the ocean separates us from Bijagos in around 30 nautical miles, which equates to approximately 2 hours away. Problems begin to arise in the vessel platform.

    It’s 11 pm, we stop. We’re told to wear the lifejackets. I can’t stop shooting...